Best Social Media Campaign 

Adobe – Women’s FA Cup

One of the most exciting knockout competitions in women’s football, Adobe Women’s FA Cup is brought to life through its social media platform that provides fans and players the chance to connect, celebrate and advocate for the women’s game through informative and engaging content shared on the platform.

Bluebella – Strong is Beautiful

England Lionesses of past and present joined together with leading lingerie brand Bluebella in its ‘Strong is Beautiful’ campaign to encourage teenage girls to pursue their passion for sport and not drop out due to peer pressure. The educational initiative was launched to inspire and inform young girls about the strength and importance of sports and to help them feel more comfortable and confident within themselves.

FIFA – Women’s World Cup

Perhaps the biggest women’s sporting tournament to date, last year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup social media coverage played an important role in the popularity of the competition on an international scale. Featuring regular live match updates, interviews and interactive content, the social media coverage helped to generate excitement around the competition.

Unilever + TikTok

Unilever is committed to going where its required audiences are, and for fans of women’s football, the brand knew that was social channels, TikTok in particular. During last year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, the company joined forces with FIFA and TikTok to join forces to create experiences that enriched the game for fans and also inspired girls looking to enter the sport.

Cisco – Helping Women Kick Goals

Cisco, an innovative software-defined networking, cloud and security technology company, was proud to be named the official networking hardware provider of 2023’s FIFA Women’s World Cup. Through its ‘Helping Women Kick Goals’ campaign, the provider promoted an all-female line-up of aspiring IT professionals who had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the tournament, promoting equality and breaking glass ceilings that should no longer exist.

Burnley Football Club – TikTok

When it comes to social media, Burnley Football Club is a pioneer. It was back in 2021 when the club decided to stream live home matches on the platform TikTok, with a clear aim to engage new fans into the world of women’s football. Since then, it has struck a strategic partnership with the platform and points to a new age of football, where clubs can show games, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews and grow their following and popularity through the power of social media.

Heineken – The Social Swap

Working with agencies Le Pub and Edelman, Heineken launched a social experiment with the help of former England players Jill Scott and Gary Neville. Each former player posted from each other’s social media account for several days and then compared the responses they got – which were sexist and outdated. The message of the campaign was clear: football is for everyone, and on and off the pitch, we should respect everyone with the respect and equality we all deserve.

Google + The Athletic – My Game in My Words

The partnership between Google and The Athletic for its ‘My Game in Words’ series highlighted career moments for some of the world’s top athletes, including National Women’s Soccer League players, such as Megan Rapinoe, as they competed in last year’s FIFA World Cup. Through social media, stories of resilience and dedication highlighted the achievements and determination of female players.

Lionesses – The FA

Through the FA’s official social media, audiences around the world were able to get to know England’s Lionesses, stay up to date with their achievements and progression in last year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup and experience firsthand the team’s commitment to the sport. Through the power of content, storytelling and imagery, interviews and behind-the-scenes clips, fans were able to engage and connect with players.

Adidas – Play Until They Can’t Look Away

In the run-up to last year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, the brand launched a new campaign titled ‘Play Until They Can’t Look Away’, to celebrate women in football and inspire the next generation of female players. Featuring some of the rising stars of women’s football, it captured the attention of people throughout the world and challenged the stereotypes and prejudices that sadly still exist.