Women’s Football Awards  Categories

Player of the Year

This Player of the Year Award will be handed to the best of the best in the women’s game. The accolade could be awarded to a player for their efforts on the pitch but it might also be for a star who demonstrates incredible work off the pitch and uses their platform to push for better inclusion in the women’s game.

International Football Player of the Year

The International Football Player Award will highlight the trailblazers and those who have achieved excellence  on the pitch while highlighting the women’s game on a world stage. This is for a current superstar working hard in all facets of the game.

Young Football Player of the Year

The Young Football Player Award will shine a light on the starlets of the women’s game. The recipient will be U21 with incredible talent and ability plus a demonstrable willingness to promote and improve the women’s game as they progress through the ranks.

Manager or Coach of the Year

This award recognises a manager or coach who has delivered excellence both on and off the pitch over the last 12 months. The winner will be a major advocate for women’s football who continuously supports the beautiful game.

2023 World Cup Hero of the Year

This award recognises a player who captivated the world during the 2023 World Cup. Whether it be for goal-scoring, goal-saving or simply representing their country with distinction, this will be a highly-contested category.

Grassroots Initiative of the Year

The Grassroots Initiative Award exists to celebrate the achievements of those working at the lower, non-professional and amateur levels of the game. This accolade will be handed to an initiative, collective or individual who has gone above and beyond to advance inclusion over the last year. 

Best Club of the Year

The Best Club Award will celebrate professional football clubs who have shown commitment and application to improving the landscape of football for women while investing and working to improve participation and improve inclusion in the game over the last year.

Brand of the Year

This Brand of the Year Award will draw special attention to the company doing incredible things in the women’s game. That could be anything from enabling women and girls to get involved in the game to brands using their platform to educate people about inclusive football environments or using football as a tool to create positive change for women and girls.

Women’s Football Champion of the Year

The Football Champion Award will draw attention to the great work being done to advocate for the women’s game by people in the public eye. This could be anyone working within the game or might be someone off the pitch who never fails to use their platform to push for better inclusion and the advancement of the women’s game.

Women’s Football Broadcaster or Journalist of the Year

The Broadcaster or Journalist Award will be presented to a football journalist, presenter or media outlet that has worked to highlight the women’s game while respectfully pushing for inclusion, amplifying the voices of women in football and celebrating the contributions of those making a difference over the past year.

Off The Pitch Award

The Off The Pitch Award will be presented to a hero who has shown dedication and passion for improving the beautiful game for women. This is an individual award that will be awarded to someone for their excellent and consistent work at any level of football or for one truly outstanding contribution.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Award

The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Award will be given to a business or organisation that is going above and beyond to promote women’s football and create lasting impact and positive change. Examples from the last 12 months should be provided in the evidence.

Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award

This Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award is for a brand, organisation, association or football club which can demonstrate the positive impact their CSR activities have had on either fans, communities, grassroots initiatives, environment, employees or other stakeholders in women’s football.

Best Breakthrough Business

This award recognises a business or organisation which has given new support, or recently engaged in the positive promotion of women’s football. 

Marketing Campaign of the Year

The Marketing Campaign Award will highlight the brands who have successfully demonstrated their commitment to the growth of women’s football through impactful and creative marketing strategies. This could be through a short-lived, clever and impactful campaign or consistent targeted and positive support. 

Football Business of the Year

The Football Business Award exists to shine the spotlight on an organisation, whether big or small, which has produced extraordinary work over the past year to make the world of football a better place for women. 

Best Social Media Campaign

This award will honour the firm, organisation or person who took social media by storm with a well-timed and engaging social media campaign during the course of the last year which highlights and promotes women’s football in a positive or thought-provoking manner.

Best Fan Engagement Award

This award is for the club which engages best with its fans. The judging panel will be looking for examples of innovation and creativity in how clubs interact and get fans of the women’s game better involved. 

Unsung Hero Award

This award is for a person working at any level of the women’s pyramid who improves, enhances and maintains the experience of those around them. The winner will often go out of their way for little reward or recognition, all in the pursuit of helping others enjoy the sport. 

Game Changer Award

This award shines a light on a person or organisation that is playing a star role in taking the women’s game to the next level. The recipient of this special honour will be known for their standout performance and vital contribution to inspiring the next generation of girls to take up the sport.

Football Business Trailblazer

The Football Business Trailblazer is presented to an individual working in the sports industry who has a demonstrable track record of success in women’s football. This will be someone who has achieved amazing results in their particular area of work. This might be through their work at a football club or any other business engaged in the sport. 

Lifetime Achievement Award

The winner will be decided by the Women’s Football Awards judging panel following public nominations.